Collection: New Set

This is the perfect way to naturally wash and condition your hair! 

Because of the amazing cleaning properties that don’t strip your hair or dry it with causes damage, no build up! The conditioner has vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healthy growing hair!

By the way, who doesn’t like to use products that are zero waste? 

🌱 Wash your hair with the Shampoo Bar by layering wet  hair, massging scalp to rid of any impurities & stimulate circulation, and rinse.
🌱 Spray Elixir onto hair after you wash your hair for conditioning, strengthening, and to detangle your hair. 

🌱 You can also target sparse hair areas on your scalp with the Elixir product.

These products where created to upgrade your hair so it will be well worth your investment to getting the hair you desire!